Society or religion

Is “Society or Religion”  the foundation of  morality?  This is a topic that has been  bothering me ever since and no matter how I think about it I never reach a consensus. Some will say society while some holds that religion is the foundation, others are even of the view that religion and society cannot be separated and that they both serve as the foundation.  That is why I have made it an open discussion, so what is your view?



4 thoughts on “Society or religion

  1. If you took 2 intelligent “moral” people who are friends, a government worker, and a religious person, and you put them on an island with an unintelligent fat person, and no food to eat. I think it would only be a matter of time before they eat that dude. Morals seem to be subjective and situational at best.


    1. I quite agree with you that moral is subjective because what Is moral to me may not be moral to you but still your response has not really given any insight on the matter. At least we know moral is subjective but what is the foundation of that subjective morality? Where did morality develop from, can we say it is religion or society?


  2. Personally, I dont think morals exist at all, which is why I said they are subjective and situational at best. If I had to pick either of those two, I would lean towards society, in the sense that the idea of right and wrong, has most likely been around since the first humans interacted with each other.

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  3. But don’t you think if religion is been removed from this world today, the rate of crime will increase? because It baffles me everyday when I see issue of rape on d news paper, aggressive killings, hostility etcetera. I do think that the world is really changing because looking back to the days “like we were told” when religion was much appreciated, the rate of crime is not as high as this and is it not because some still hold to religion and have the fear of the unknown that is still saving d world? And don’t you think in the next 10 to 20 years, the level of religion will decrease while evil will continually grow which to me kind of support the view that religion is the foundation of morality


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